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Dragons Den

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How 2 girls from down under slayed all 5 dragons in the DEN!

August 2013,in a never before seen Dragon slaying show down Australian ‘mumtrepreneurs’ caught the attention of the nation with their innovative slimming tanner!

The Dragons fought to offer investment for a share in this innovative tanner. Why? Because it was easy to see the appeal  of a self-tanner that could also actively help reduce the appearance of cellulite, contour muscles and tone for a better bikini body instantly.

“many women tan in the hope to look thinner so we just thought it makes sense to also include the cellulite and firming in the same cream” explains ones of the dragon slayers, suburban mother of 2,Kate Cotton.

But it’s not just its power to visibly slim that got new Dragon Kelly Hoppen so excited but the fact that it also offered a more natural alternative to traditional tanners.

“Skinny Tan is proudly made with an 100 percent natural tanning active derived from the seeds of the Brassica napus plant and so is unlikely to cause the dryness or irritation associated with chemical DHA.” Adds Cotton.

Plus Skinny Tan also includes an instant bronzer that makes it easy to apply. Andthe delicious coconut scent leaves theordinary chemical fake tanner smell for dead. (Just ask DebrorahMeaden - she loved the smell!)

“- it’s the naturalness of the tan colour and the gorgeous scent that is getting so much feedback - the fact that it also helps your body look firmer and skinnier too - well that’s just a bonus!” explained fellow Skinny Tan pitcher Louise Ferguson

After a tense decision, established dragons Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne and DebrorahMeaden were passed over as the girls made a deal with popular new dragon’s celebrity interior designer Kelly Hoppen and Cloud entrepreneur Piers Linney.

And if the rare occurrence of all 5 Dragons putting 9 offers on the table isn’t enough to prove that Skinny Tan will be the next big thing in British tanning then just ask the customers. One customer recently wrote-

“BTW, the product is brilliant!It looks very natural. Also the cellulite thing is excellent too!"Mel Smith - NSW

Another wrote:-

"AMAZING - I've had so many compliments since using SkinnyTan- best on the market by far. No Streaks!! Well Done!"Christine Alless - Sydney In fact the tan is so natural looking that Skinny Tan have even succeeded in getting men happy to tan too with the new Skinny Tan muscle-contouring tanner especially for men!

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