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Introducing the first natural tanner that also visibly contours your body and reduces the appearance of cellulite!

Skinny Tan is a salon-quality, self-tanner that instantly bronzes the skin then develops into a deep gorgeous golden brown that lasts for up to 7 days!

Skinny Tan is better than other self-tanners because it is made with the highest quality naturally derived and 100 percent natural tanning actives (our tanning active is derived from the seeds of the Brassica napus plant) that work with your skin to create a natural tan that will never dry or irritate.

And because Skinny Tan is made with natural actives it doesn't have that awful fishy chemical smell that other tanners have but instead smells like a coconut island breeze.

But best of all this easy-to-apply, long lasting tanner also contains a popular visible skin firming ingredient.

Simply massage into the skin for a tan that visibly contours, tones and reduces the appearance of cellulite so you not only look naturally tanned and skinnier too!

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