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Thanks for the wonderful Feedback!

I have tried every different tan type...the can, the gradual, the instant and I can wholeheartedly say that this is by far the most complimentary tan ive ever used! Especially for your legs! The tan indicator will tell you exactly where you have rubbed in and takes away the guess work of over applying. Ten out of ten!

Kerri-Manly , March 2014

this tanner is brilliant. My wife was a bit nervous putting it on, but the next day she had a brilliant even colour. really easy to use (there were instructions in ours), and smells great. I can't sunbathe really because I have very fair skin, so am quite tempted to put some on myself for a man-tan!"

Richard , January 2014

I LOVE this tanner!! Lovely natural tan...a friend asked if I'd been on holiday! I watched the videos on the skinnytan website about application as I had no directions with my order. You don't need to use as much per application as other tanners I've tried and it really does not have that usual nasty fake tan smell.

A.K. , January 2014

This does exactly what it says!! Have tried many self tanning lotions but this beats the lot. I am 67 years old and cannot sun bathe due to quite serious sun damage to my skin (mis spent youth) but I really don't enjoy being lily white and cannot afford to go to a tanning salon for a spray tan except for very special occassions. One word of advice - buy the tanning mitt because my hands did get quite stained. Really love this stuff and if it can make my old body look great then it must surely look good on a younger skin.

Bernadette Beatie , October 2013

"Was sceptical when I applied skinny tan but after washing off I have an amazingly natural looking tan and (wait for it).. No streaks! This is a first for me with a fake tan. One happy lady today! :)"

Joanne Patterson - Glasgow

"WOW I love it soooo much. Been a fake tanner all my life (I'm 58). Never ever have I found anything like this before!! Absolutely brilliant."

Janice Connolly - London

“It makes me look like I have done a few more sit ups than I have and that’s a good thing.”


“Didn’t think heterosexual guys should wear fake tan but this one is really natural looking and with the muscle definition and ab shaping it makes a big difference”


“Great colour, great smell, great value and it helps make us look thinner - what more could a girl want?”


“Hi Skinny Tan - just wanted to say your fake tan is about the best on the market but it is the after Glow gloss that got me really excited - love that beautiful, silky shiny glossy look to my skin - everyone was commenting on my legs!”


“Before I discovered Skinny Tan I would only ever have got a fake tan at a salon. But with the body butter and the instant guide tan you guys have made it easy to look brown and slimmer all the time- it’s saving me heaps of money to be able to DIY tan!”


OMG- can’t believe this stuff works so well- I went to a Sunday BBQ and everyone was asking how I had lost the weight! Of course I hadn’t lost a single kilo but I really did look thinner and felt brilliant - good one Skinny Tan”

Misse77via email

“Hi ... I was in Australia on holiday and it rained the whole time so I put on Skinny Tan before I left so I looked nice and brown ... everyone in the UK thought I had a natural tan and had lost weight on holiday! When I told them about Skinny Tan everyone wanted some - can we buy it here in UK? Or can we get it sent across - happy to pay extra postageJ”


“Had to write and tell you my sister just called me a skinny brown bitch (lol)! She thought I had been on a diet but I reminded her I’d seen her 2 days ago - I hadn’t lost weight I had just firmed up the appearance of my wobbly bits with Skinny Tan... amazing results thank you!”


Wow what a super product - it was so good to finally have a natural tanner that went on instantly brown and then developed like a salon tan- it made it really easy to apply and didn’t streak at all!”

Elyse Gibbs

“Absolutely amazing, it was so easy to apply and no awful smell. I’ve even convinced my mum”

Christine Alless , October 2012

“AMAZING - I’ve had so many compliments since using SkinnyTan- best on the market by far. No Streaks!! Well Done!”

Mel Smith , October 2012

"BTW, the product is brilliant! I am very impressed with it! It looks very natural. Will pass the good news onto my friends. Can't wait to try it again. Also the cellulite thing is excellent too."

Tanyha Membrey , November 2012

“I would just like to say how FANTASTIC i’ve found your product to be. I am an avid tan junkie. fake or other wise, (not allowed to say that SUN word), and I love your skinny tan. I purchased a tan and glow pak today from PRICELINE,and it’s got great smell, texture, colour and ,why, I purchased in the first place; its organic and safe for my skin. Dig the after glow moisturiser too really good feel. Thanx again for making a good product.”

Kathy Nichols , November 2012

“I have used fake tans for many years & have always been disappointed with the promises made.......Not This Time.....your product Skinny Tan is amazing & fulfills every promise made + it’s Organic....I love it.....thankyou so much.”

Jessica Connway , December 2012

I love Skinny Tan, I noticed a significant difference in the cellulite in my legs & the tan lasted for days. I have tried many products but will defiantly continue to use Skinny Tan! It’s just what I needed for this summer, a real confidence booster!”

Luke Brooks , December 2012

“Great product guys I’m a bloke of Irish decent and as most of us are all really pale I was looking at diy fake tans cause I was spending a fortune at salons so I tried skinny tan ab shader and it actually looks better than a salon tan thanks heaps!”

Linsey Gil , December 2012

“Applied Skinny Tan yesterday and I’m now sitting here in my shorts that had been put in the bottom of my closet 2 years ago. This product has definitely won me over after trying so many other brands and being dissatisfied and sometimes even embarrased with their results. Thank you so much Skinny Tan......I will definitely be purchasing again :-) ”

Steff Anderson , December 2012

“Its Awesome and has reduced the viability of my cellulite”

Kelly Bieruti , December 2012

“Wow. I applied this product two days ago and it’s truly a beautiful colour. I love the fact that the instant bronzer isn’t over bearing like most on the market and product doesn’t have a nasty smell like most on the market do. I’ll most definitely be purchasing this product from now on as well as recommending it to my friends. This is a definite beauty must have.”

Paula Rosa , December 2012

“I normally wouldnt bother with feedback but I brought the tan and tone kit yesterday after my sister told me about this product and I’m already the biggest fan! I’ve been a fake tan user for years both self applications and professional sprays and this product rocks! Easiest application I’ve ever done... Smells good too. Beautiful golden colour... Mess free I totally recommend this to everyone . Thanks heaps for finally developing such a needed tanning product of this quality. Worth every cent!.”

Jackie Prosser , December 2012

“No Way! I got my Skinny Tan after seeing an ad for it on the t.v. and it is phenomenal, normally i don’t buy into t.v. gimics, but this one takes the cake it literally gave me an instant beautiful lasting natural tan, i used it just before my best friends wedding and got so many compliments all night, i cant thank you guys enough, the amount of compliments was priceless, and i paid next to nothing for skinny tan, will recommend to anyone”

Carolyn Morris , January 2013

“Best tanner I have ever used !! ever !! better than a spray tan, easy to apply, less is best. ( think I tried to put too much on the first time ) Loved the results very natural and love the look and the smell is divine. A fantastic product worth every cent :) ”

Michaela Harrison , January 2013

Saw an advertisement for Skinny Tan and thought I’d give it a try. I have used a well known brand of tannning lotion but it still had that fake tan smell which put me off wearing it. Thought I’d give Skinny Tan a try as I had heard good reviews about it. I applied it to my arms and upper body about an hour ago and already I look a fabulous colour and NO horrible smell. I will definitely be recommending it to my friends and stocking up on some more as I have now found the ideal tanning product, thank you Skinny Tan.

Tara hamilton , January 2013

Love Love Love this product soooooo much!

I live a very busy lifestyle being in the health and fitness industry and just do not get time to get a tan, however with your new product I can now look naturally tanned safely! Everyone commented on how great I looked when I first applied it and I am hooked. Thank Skinny tan! Australia can be proud we came up with such a great product first.

Danni , February 2013

“As someone who has tried an awful lot of fake tan brands over the years, I found the Skinny Tan colour to be incredible. Really loved it!”

Jess Arbar , March 2013

I haven’t used Tanner since August 2012 because I just hated the after effects of it .. I have seen many ads about Skinny tan so I decided to try it .. The day after I used it I went to the zoo it was a very hot day so I expected that by the end of the day i’d look gross but no not one streak not one blotch .. The next day went for hike again after sweating all day nothing not one streak not one blotch .. Its now mid week and nothing not one streak not one blotch .. No stains on my sheets no gross smells !! Wow is all i can say about Skinny Tan ! Thank you for researching a product that actually works !!

Katherine Stella , March 2013

I love the colour of Skinny tan, and I had no streaks. I love applying it as it has no chemical smell as other brands do. It is the first natural tan I have applied and worth the money as it is natural and Made in Australia. I love how it contours the body, awesome coverage!

Lindsey Scully , April 2013

“I have been wanting to try this product since it hit the shelves but being sceptical of all of the hype i kept my distance.... SILLY ME!!!!! I finally gave in to my urges and my oh my this product is a godsend. Highly reccommend to all - including severe sceptics!“

Siobhan Sinclaire , April 2013

"Absolutely Amazing... long gone are the streaky fake bake days! I would highly recommend this product!"

Katherine Child , April 2013

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