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1) LESS IS MORE! DO not use too much Skinny Tan!. An example of how much to use (as per our video above) would be for a lower half of your leg use about the size of a 50p piece only.

2) FAST WINS THE RACE! Work in circular motions to rub the product in. Work fast as Skinny Tan has been developed to be fast drying so that it won’t rub off on clothes. If the tan fluffs up showing creaminess don’t worry just rub it in - the tanning active is natural and kind to your skin!

3) INSTANT SATISFACTION! The initial colour is the instant bronzer this is NOT your long lasting tan (although the instant colour is very nice). Use the Instant Tan to see where you have applied the tanner and correct any missed spots or uneven application but be aware your lasting tan is a more naturally toned down version of the instant.

4) YOU WON”T STREAK = Don’t worry if the bronzer shows any streaking you can use this to correct your application. But please be assured our ‘long lasting’ tan that develops underneath has been designed to be 100% streak-free regardless of any slight mishaps with the instant bronzer.

5) STRONGER LONGER! Leave the tanner on for AT LEAST 5 hours. NOTE leaving the tanner on much longer than 5 hours will actually improve the result. This product has been designed to NEVER ‘over-develop’ so if you can leave it on overnight or all day or until you next shower you will get the same natural deep colour but it will last longer. Sometimes 5 hours on some skin may not be long enough to get a really deep tan. TIP – the longer you leave it the longer lasting your tan will be.

6) RESULTS MAY VARY. Skinny Tan has been developed to give everyone the most gorgeous natural tan possible plus visible body toning and firming. If you are a person who prefers a darker shade than your first Skinny Tan application simply apply another layer 24 hours later and build the tan to your liking. Again the longer you leave it to develop the deeper, darker and more lasting your tan will be.

7) USE A MITT- Although it is not necessary to use a mitt it is a great way of getting perfect results quickly and easily (please see our video above).

Genaral Tanning Tips!

Get the Skinny on tanning right here!

We do the research to make sure you get the best formulas, tips and tricks for an incredible tan every time!

This week’s top five tips!

1. Exfoliate first

The better your canvas is to start with - the better your tan will be! That’s why our No.1 tip is to prep your skin properly first. But don’t worry prepping is easy with Skinny Tan Pre-Tan Primer. Simply hit the shower and scrub for amazing, natural Body Dermabrasion using walnut powder. Your pre-tan primer will help remove dull, dead and older skin cells, creating a smoother surface to apply Skinny Tan to. And because the new cells won’t shed so fast your tan will last longer. And of course true to the Skinny Tan promise by massaging vigorously with our Primer you will also help reduce the appearance of cellulite as you prime!


2. Look for 100 percent natural tanning active or natural tanning actives

No-one should be putting chemical DHAs on their skin anymore as many tanners are available that use a tanning active that works naturally with your skin to create a far more natural looking colour. Some of these contain a vegetable tanner called Vegetan. Others like Skinny Tan uses another 100 percent natural tanning active ingredient derived from the seeds of the Brassica napus plant. A great advantage is that our natural active doesn’t smell so strongly of that awful fake tan smell. All Skinny Tan tanners are made with this 100 percent natural tanning seed active plus they also use naturally derived guarana a well-known active that can help your skin appear firmer.


3. Choose a Tanner with an instant colour

Todays application tip is ALWAYS choose a self-tanner that has a tinted guide bronzer built in (just like Skinny Tan 7-day Tanner and Skinny Tan Ab Shader do). The bronzing guide colour will show you exactly where you have applied the tanner so you can guarantee a 100% streak free finish - no guess work! The built in bronzer also means you are instantly brown and ready to go right out the door while your long lasting tan develops. For even easier application use with the Skinny Tan Apply and Smooth Mitt. The Mitt makes it easy to blend and prevents the tanner transferring to the palms of your hands.

4. Layer to get the most natural shade

Never choose a tanner that calls itself ‘dark’ as you could find yourself looking way to fake. It’s far better to choose a medium natural shade like Skinny Tan and apply a few times to get the darker shade you like naturally.


5. Prolong your colour and glow

To make sure your tan endures, you should apply a moisturiser. Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss is especially good because as well as keeping skin hydrated it also gives that airbrush glow effect that you see in models in magazines. A great tip is to use your After Glow to highlight your new tan- for example just applying it down the front of your shins can help elongate your legs.

TOP TIP FOR MEN! “If you can’t tone it – tan it!”

Highlight muscle definition! First apply one coat of Ab shader tanner to your whole body. Then apply another coat just below each abdominal muscle or along the curve of your bicep. This will give the illusion that you are A LOT more muscular than you really are! Plus the Guarana in Ab Shader will also help your whole body look more toned.

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